Panchakarma Treatments in Rishikesh India

Cost of Panchakarma Treatment in India (2023)

Panchakarma Packages at Haritha Yogshala are designed for inner cleansing and rejuvenation. The cost of panchakarma treatment at Haritha is quite affordable. It includes everything that one expects from panchakarma.

The Panchakarma Treatment price involves the therapies that target your specific disease. Also, cost for panchakarma treatment is worth the benefits it surrenders to your health. Apart from this, Haritha has drafted the packages to fit every individual's needs differently. We focus on diagnosing the root of the discomfort and aims at curing it by the serene ayurvedic means. The integrated panchakarma therapies are miraculous in restoring the wholesomeness.

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Panchakarma Treatment Cost in Indian Rupees:

Below is the panchakarma treatment price list formulated to the need of every individual.

This is the basic panchakarma treatment cost idea, it can be varies depends on facilities provided during panchakarma treatment and provider location.

Panchakarma Treatment Cost in Indian Rupees- 7 Days | 14 Days | 21 Days | 28 Days 2500 - 3000 INR / Day

Panchakarma Treatment Cost in US Dollars:

Panchakarma Treatment Cost in US Dollar- 7 Days | 14 Days | 21 Days | 28 Days 30 - 40 USD / Day

Haritha offers Panchakarma treatments at easy prices. Panchakarma therapies are preceded by a prior diagnosis by the experienced Ayurveda doctors of Haritha Yogshala. The cost of panchakarma treatment in Rishikesh is almost same as in Kerala, its includes Ayurveda doctor consultation, the herbal oil, and basic medicines required in the treatment as well as the advice to shift your diet as per your body constitution of Tridoshas.
The diagnosis and therapies vary from person to person; thereby the cost of Panchakarma treatment may also vary in every case. The treatment of Panchakarma is based on the individual body type which makes the treatment differ from one to another. Haritha offers an efficient diagnosis of the disease and suggests you the best ayurvedic diet along with the required Panchakarma therapy.

We provide disease-specific packages of Panchakarma to attend every emerging physical and emotional disease. At Haritha, Panchakarma therapies may help you to treat a wide range of ailments.

At Haritha Yogshala, we ensure that our Yogshala guests recover completely and afterwards are able to lead a healthy life free from vices. You will feel the difference yourself and see the changes coming in your body.

The eating regimen can be tough to follow for those who have not been initiated to Indian food, therefore the diets are planned in such way that not only do they take care of your body but also your eating habits. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive wellness program which will not only help you recover but also make you lead a healthy and prosperous life, feel free to join any of our wellness programs.

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