Ayurvedic Food Concept at Haritha Yogshala

Food in Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training at Haritha

It is simple to understand the fact “Health is Wealth”. Out of the examinations done on various people, it has been concluded that nutrition intake is a crucial factor of an individual's physical and mental health. The holistic wellbeing begins with the choices we make on the dining table.

At Haritha Yogshala we ensure to cook and serve the food rational to the Ayurvedic Directives. The harmony of the physical body with the universe creates a healthy environment for the nourishment of an individual. Presence of vegetarian meals consistently in the diet is the very beginning of recreation.

Cooking is a process which requires appropriate attention from the inception till the food is prepared. Choosing the right ingredients is the fundamental of the cooking, At Haritha we use seasonal fruits and vegetable on the priority basis and make sure they are fresh and organic. As Ayurveda suggests, understanding the nature of food is equally important to keep doshas balanced. We focus on cooking in a way to keep the prana(life) of food intact.

Chefs are well trained under the Ayurveda cooking regime dedicated to preparing the diet wealthy in supplements, keeping the context of doshas predominant in the guest which takes up a vital part of the physical and mental constitution.

At Haritha dishes are completely invigorated by Ayurveda and primarily serves Indian cooking.

Yogic Food in Rishikesh

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