Energy Healing is a applied when some of the vital energy points in a person are blocked. Ease, calm and peace is put to use in the blocked vital energy points thereby causing a lowering of stress and other related disorders thereby paving the way for a natural way for the energy to flow. It is believed that a lifespan of a person can increase through this form of healing.Blocked disorders can lead to many physical and mental disorders in a person. The methods of healing that are followed are Haritha are very comprehensive in nature and ensure that full recovery and curing of the ailment. The following methods are employed at Haritha-

Chakra Healing

When healing is done through the process of balancing the energies of Charkra, it is called Chakra Healing. When chakras are balanced a sense of calm and centeredness comes in a person.
At Haritha, we have a team of dedicated Chakra Healers who know to heal and rebalance the energy in your body.


Reiki is a technique of Japanese origin which is used for creating a sense of relaxation and a calm mind. It is based on the principle of maintaining a balanced life force as, according to this principle the level of life force has an impact of our mental and physical health. It is a healing form based on practical application.

In Japanese, Rei stands for God’s or a higher power’s wisdom and Ki as life force energy. Therefore, Reiki stands for life force energy guided by a God or a higher power’.

A Reiki treatment relaxes the all aspects whether they be emotions, mind, soul, body, spirit et al and tends to create a radiance in a person. Many have reported miraculous results.

Sound Healing

Sound is also used as a method of healing in several schools of thoughts. It is a form of healing in which the person has to take part in a passive manner. As you calm your inner self with the help of the sound, you tend to increase the sense of calmness in you and generate a sense of awareness. It is said that this practice helps in meditation as well.

Sound healing results in the better temperament of person which enables them to manage their anger thereby resulting in lower blood pressure. This results in improved circulation of blood and also helps in cognitive, psychological skills. This creates a sense of confidence which deals away the issues of psychiatric health, any emotional problems, develops motor skills and consequently establishes the social position of a person.

This form of healing comes under the alternative medicine category and is also use for the spiritual and related growth of a person.

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