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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga translated as ‘Yoga of action’ is one of the four spiritual paths in Hinduism, the others being Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga(Path of knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga(Path of loving devotion to a personal God or Gods). The ones who practise Karma Yoga are called Karma Yogi and to them work that is correct in nature and is performed well is a form of prayer. Karma Yoga is also referred to as Karma Marga (path).

Karma Yoga has been mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. This form of Yoga was first taught by Lord Krishna (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) to SuryaDev or the Sun God in Hinduism and was later passed on to Manu and then to Ishkavu but got forgotten over the years. Lord Krishna revived it in the Bhagvada Gita. The basic principle of Karma Yoga is that one must do work because it is one’s duty to do work. Work when one done with a sense of duty is called Karma Yoga. The teachings of Karma Yoga state that one must keep personal desires aside and cultivate a sense of duty in them. When this is done one becomes accomplished In karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga also states that one should work without being to attached to fruits or personal gains as when one does not succeed in their undertakings one tends to become frustrated and unhappy. So, when work is done with a sense of duty and as an offering to God it creates a sense of stability in the person and makes him less prone to negative emotions, thereby improving the mental health of the person by leaps and bounds.

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