Satkriya is a form of exercise that is said to be the best for raising the Kundalni energy and is said to cause a person to experience all the gains of Kundalini Yoga itself. Satkriya is based on the squeeze-release movement of the breath. This is done for period of a few mintues and creates a pathway for the Kundalini energy. When performed properly, this form of exercise heals every energy wound that you might have. It regenerates your energy at almost every level.

Sat Kriya is said to be very effective for the lower chakras of the body. These Chakras are said to be the concerned with issues relating to psychological and mental health. Emotional issues are also taken care of by this form of exercise. That is why it is widely believed that this form of exercise is one of the best.

The duration of the exercise can vary according to the level of advancement of the practioners. Those at the early stages of this form of exercise should try to aim for a minute or two. Regular practice helps one achieve this aim and furthermore one can build on this and increase the amount of time to 5 and then 10 minutes.

A very good level of duration is said to be around approximate 25 minutes to 30 minutes. However, you can develop further and try even around 45 minutes. Those in the advanced stages are able to do this exercise for around an hour. This is the path to get to the upper levels of Satkriya.

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