Tibetan Sound Healing Certification Courses in Rishikesh, India

Sound healing is one of those techniques which vanish away all the stress and tension of a stressful life. The impact is all over the body. It is said that the mood of a person gets affected by the sound that is there. Tensions also get resolved by sounds.

It has been scientifically proven, stress etc. gets taken care of by sound and a sense of well-being gets created in the individual. It is a part of the Mantra chanting technique. This course puts into effect. This course helps is a unique combination of old techniques with modern lifestyle.

Healing & Meditation Certification Courses in Rishikesh, India at Haritha Yogshala

Sound healing is an effective and proven method of releasing stress from the body. Toxins from the body are easily released with the help of this technique. This technique uses vibrational effects to get relief from bodily and mental stress. This technique restores the balance of the mind of a person and also has a deep impact on the body and soul of a person. Harmonic vibrations are put to use that promote the health and well-being of a person.

Sound therapy is one of the growing trends in the industry, which is used for healing. It takes care of the energy field imbalances that may be there. Other techniques such as sound, chanting, toning, etc are able to create a shift towards positive in a person.

Process of sound healing therapy

Sound healing works on such a holistic level that it makes the brain work in a positive direction and creates such an energy field that, that healing happens. It is able to create a peaceful state of mind, in a person thereby, inducing meditative bliss. The brainwaves of the person harness such energy that they make a person ready for meditation and other such activities. This releases the blockages inside a person and paves the way for relaxation and other positive emotions. This therapy is like a full body massage.

Benefits Of Sound Healing:

  • Relaxation state of mind
  • Profound meditative experience
  • Restored balance
  • Clearing of blocked energy
  • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Deep relaxation
  • Level - I Sound Healing Course:

    Level - I Sound Healing course will give you the foundation to be able to use the Seven Chakra bowls for self-healing and healing of family and friends. You will learn the theory, techniques with ample practicing time during the course.

    Level - II Sound Healing Course:

    This course is for those who have completed the Level-I Course or have been practicing Singing Bowl therapy already. In this course, you will learn how to use different bowls for treatments and to be able to offer singing bowl therapy.

    Level - III Sound Healing Course:

    This course is for experienced practitioners. In this course, you will learn to use tuning forks, drums, sound bath, gong, magnets, mantras, singing bowls for treatments as a professional therapist.

    Level - IV Sound Healing Course:

    After successfully completing Level-III Sound Healing Course, to become a professional and master sound healer and teacher. You can join the level-IV course. This course is a combination of modern medical science, ancient sound treatment and spiritual science to become a truly professional, master sound healer and teacher.

    Terms & Conditions:

  • To join Tibetan Sound Healing Course at Haritha Yogshala advanced booking is required. Course dates are flexible which can be scheduled from your preferred date.
  • Accommodation facility is available at Haritha Yogshala, Rishikesh.
  • After successful completion, an internationally recognized certificate will be issued by the Haritha Yogshala organization.
  • No classes will take place on Public Holidays.
  • Note:

  • To sign up for the course, please bring a valid identity proof & 1 passport size photograph.
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