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Harita is a school that I would like to recommend you

Namaste, I am very glad to learn Abhyanga in Harita. Here is clarify all of thing what I want to know. That's why I choosed to learn here. They had an answer for me what I should learn. And I am appreciated to come back again.

Sirinada Arbthip

Truly Recommended for Haritha

Thank you all for everything, the treatment, the food, the smiles, the hospitality, and all the help your provided. I have gained so much of these 9 days of Panchakarma. I will definitely recommended Haritha. Namaste Sarah :-)        

Sarah Harkussen

Great Place to learn Yoga 😊

I am very satisfied with the 200 hour yoga teacher training course that I have done at Haritha Yogashala. The Yoga Masters are very skilled and their knowledge of Yoga is very great. The staff is also very good and the services are provided without much delay. I made friends with a lot of people there and will surely visit the center next time I visit Rishikesh.

Alessia Masotti

Truly Recommended for Haritha 👍

The time that I spent here in Haritha was very enriching and has laid a very solid foundation on my career path of a Yoga professional. Kaushal sir was the best followed by Kapil and Aman sir who were also very good. The staff and management was also very good and up-to- standards. The schedule is also very well planned. I recommend this yoga school to others!

Maria Claudia

Best Yoga TTC in Rishikesh 🙏

According to me this is one of the best places to learn yoga in Rishikesh. The teachers are very intelligent they well know how to teach and the staff is also co-operative. The course was good and the prices weren’t bad. Considering what other institutes tell I would definitely recommend this place if you are serious about becoming a yoga practitioner. Great place. Namaste!

Lily Liu

Experienced Yoga Teachers, Authentic Style Yoga

I spent a wonderful period here doing my 200 Hrs TTC at Haritha Yogshala. The teachers amaze you not only with their depth of knowledge but also the way the class takes place, making the course a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and polite. Weekend outings were also very enjoyable. Cheers! Great place. Loved it!   


Highly recommend for 200 yoga ttc 👍

In my yoga teacher training, the class schedule were designed in such a manner that we had free time to explore the town. The Ganges river and the mountains really add to the whole experience and you can add to your traveling experiences as well apart from your yoga growth! Great time!

Emilie Harris

14 Days Wellness Retreat Program

It was such an amazing time, these 14 days i spend here with team Harith. I feld very taken care of and welcomed. Of course I'll be back. Thank you all so much.


Health with happiness! 😊

The teachers at Haritha were awesome. The energy they bring to the class was amazing. Kaushal Sir, you rock the show! Will definitely come to learn from you again when I do the advanced course! Rest of the guys were also good ! Health and happiness!

Julieta Mariel

Life Changing Experience! 👌

If you want to learn yoga, then obviously Rishikesh is the first place that comes to mind. Haritha is one of the most premium places where one can do their TTC. The curriculum is well-designed, the teachers are experienced and make you give 100% and I would recommend this place to others also.

Ekaterina Zavarygina

Once in a lifetime experience! 🤟

My feedback for this yoga center would be that all the aspects were upto mark. The teaching department which is probably the most important one was better than I expected. The library provided there helps improve your knowledge. The quality of food is good and the rooms are very tidy. The staff is good at maintaining a high level of hygiene. So yes, if you decide to join here for yoga ttc or any other course then yes it would be the right decision to make!


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